Get consultancy on AI, ML or NLP

Don't start an AI project without expert advice

Using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Natural Language Processing is fraught with risks. We offer a service you can use right at the beginning of your journey to point you in the right direction.

There are some fundamental questions about performance, reliability, compliance, accountability and ethics that need to be considered before you begin. Too often AI is sold on the technology and newspaper stories rather than practical considerations that will affect your company and lead often to a failed project.

We offer an opportunity for you to discuss your problem with our principal, Dr Andy Edmonds, who has an unrivalled 35 years’ experience in AI, ML and NLP consultancy.

He will ask you about your corporate culture and your risk profile, and then will attempt to outline the areas for a solution.

We recommend an initial two-hour consultation, in a contiguous block or split into two 1-hour sessions.

Consultancy is provided via Skype or Zoom. Dr Andy will send a follow up email containing notes of the recommendations and any useful links.

We’re cheaper than the average corporate lawyer and offer a depth of experience unmatched outside of a few top research departments.

Can you afford not to make this small investment, when selecting the wrong path could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars?


Dr Andy will record the conversation for reference purposes and to help to create the follow up email. You will receive a copy of the conversation too.

We will not discuss your problem, our recommended solution or any other data with third parties without your express written permission.

We can provide a non-disclosure agreement or are happy sign yours, so long as it is reciprocal, in that rights and duties are identical on both sides, and does not bind us in any way other than limiting disclosure.


Dr Andy has his own range of products in the area of Fuzzy Logic Expert systems, Whitebox machine learning and NLP for chatbots. Dr Andy will not recommend these products over any others without making you aware of alternatives, and only if he believes these are the best solution for your problem. For the rest of AI Dr Andy has no agreements with any other vendors.

Use our AI advisor to help with some fundamental choices

So, if you are starting out with AI, where should you begin? Given the data you have, or can get, and the and the kind of problem you want to solve, what kinds of solutions are there? Try out the questionnaire below. It's auto-generated by a DARL expert system and will email you a Word document with suggested next steps based on your answers.

The expert system below is not a substitute for talking to Dr Andy, but can help you make some fundamental choices about the form of the solution to your problem.

Dr Andy's biography

Picture of Dr Andy

Dr Andy was the founder of the UKs first Neural Network (think deep learning) company in the late 80's. This company created the world's first Windows-based Neural Network development system from Andy’s designs. For many years he specialized in the analysis of financial time series and chaotic systems. (the subject of his PhD). He was the ML guru to the world's largest future's trader by volume, with his Genetic Programming product DARWIN.

He has remained a practitioner ever since, focussing on Whitebox machine learning. (machine learning systems that can explain what they have learned). He has provided consultancy and bespoke AI product design to a range of customers covering Banking, Investment & Financial trading, Formula 1, medical diagnosis, legal text analysis, compliance terms extraction from legal corpora and many more.

As a result of this, a special interest has become the construction of a process of analysis that automatically recommends solutions and avoids customers getting enmeshed in the difficult world of ML unnecessarily.